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The world’s first indoor aquaponics farm in Hong Kong


Who We Are

Passionate farmers with a technology focus creating sustainable and nutritious organic products


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Pansy Edible Flower

Viola Edible Flower

Borage Edible Flower


Corn flower

Torenia Edible flower

Calendula Edible flower


Nasturtium Leaves

Mustard Microgreens

Amaranth Microgreens


Green Woodsorrel

Lemonbalm mint

Swiss Chard

Red Vein Sorrel




100% Aquaponics

Truly Sustainable and Scalable

Using nature as our guide and inspiration, we have developed modern agricultural systems to produce crops based on nutrients from fish waste. Our long term goal is to create large scale "closed loop" farming systems.

How it works

  • Fish – Organic fish feed is fed to our fish as inputs to the system, and they in turn produce ammonia within the fish waste

  • Bacteria – ammonia and the fish waste are converted into nutrients by nitrifying beneficial bacteria

  • The growing vegetables absorb the nutrients, in essence “cleaning up” the water.

  • The water is then reused in the fish tanks

  • We have solved the challenge of creating a fully balanced ecosystem which maintains a stable pH, DO (dissolved oxygen), and nitrate levels despite the variability of climate conditions to produce different vegetables and raising edible fish

  • It is a complete nutrient system vs. the non organic chemicals in other systems with constraints of monocropping. The same nutrient source to fuel the growth of all our products, and provides flexibility with changes to demand and pricing

  • There are over 200+ compounds in fish poop that are still being scientifically studied to understand why plants absorb nutrient better and grow faster, which may result in Healthier Produce


100% Agritech

Full Nature is solving the farming pains by integrating various technologies into traditional farming techniques to create sustainable and organic products for our consumers.

In House developed Technologies using PhD scientists and A.I. automation experts as our partners which, when combined in our farm design, will be one of the most advanced in terms of technology.

  • Special emphasis on utilizing NANO Technology, which won the Geneva Innovation Awards in 2016 & 2017

  • Full Spectrum LED growing light design, essential for optimum plant growth indoors – only now the major LED manufacturers are considering doing R&D.

  • Integration of in-house developed software to assist with automation of processes, real time monitoring and data collection


Our Story

It began with our USDA organic certified farm - Evergreens Republic

Our journey started in a small warehouse in Hong Kong in 2013. After experimentation with various methods of farming to find the best taste, we realized that aquaponics was the most effective way to mimic nature, and we built an aquaponic greenhouse facility which grew over 500 different varieties of vegetables and fruits, while achieving the USDA Organic Certification with Evergreens Republic, which was our previous operating company. Our goal is to continue researching and implementing modern techniques of farming that is sustainable and scalable in order to adjust to external environments of all conditions to meet current and future demands of agriculture products.


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