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Our Technology

Biomimicry and biodiversity are the core foundations of Aquaponics. By integrating automation, material science, IoT, and machine learning, we have a much deeper understanding of how nature works at molecular level. 

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Closed-loop System

Our system breaks down fish waste as bacteria extract nutrients from waste which is converted into liquid fertiliser and loops back into the system while creating zero waste.

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Inhouse Technologies

Through the development of in-house technology, including sensors, controllers, and software, Full Nature has achieved the optimization of costs and the incorporation of essential features, all while minimizing energy consumption.

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Inhouse Designs

With our in-house system design, Full Nature is able to optimize the usage of space in indoor farming. As we utilize the system ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the importance of details that can impact safety, efficiency, maintenance, and cost. This allows us to tailor our technology to meet the specific needs of indoor farming operations, ensuring optimal performance and results.


Our ecosystem is not only organic and sustainable, it is scalable through modular design that can be deployed on a commercial scale.


Custom designed full spectrum LED grow lights running at ultra low temperatures and energy for optimal plant growth.

Full Nature software, A.D.A.M.S. , combined with hundreds of IoT sensors, monitors the ecosystem 24/7 to collect varieties of meaningful data and insights of the farm.

Technology First

Fully Automated Aquaponics System

Harvest Tracking

Big Data Analysis

Nano Technology Integration

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Beauty of Indoor Farming 

Growing produce with zero pesticides and naturally generated fertilizer. We believe the way we grow results in the freshest flavors with a consistent yield all year round.


If you have any questions about our technology or ideas on how to implement our tech into your projects, please feel free to contact us!

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Traditional Farming vs
Full Nature Farm 

Traditional Farming

Heavily affected by climate change with the humid, subtropical climate in Hong Kong, most leafy greens do not grow well in Hong Kong

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Full Nature Farm

We are transforming unused spaces into indoor farms providing peak-season flavor all year round in any urban location.

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