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Our range of delicious herbs and greens including come in a variety sizes. Our luscious leaves - woodsorrel, swiss chard or red vein sorrel and the like - not only add fresh flavors and vivid green color to food, but have plenty of health benefits.

Lemon Balm.jpeg
Wood Sorrel Green.jpeg


Size: 2-3 cm
Colour: dark green
Flavor: lemon citrus 
How to Use: garnish in most dishes
More Details: Lemon Balm is a lemon-scented herb from the same family as the mint and is a perennial herb. It’s a leafy green with a lemon smell. A handful of fresh lemon balm make an excellent choice for tea, especially mixed with honey. Besides tea, you can use the herb to make lemon balm cookies or break, or even create a lemon balm pesto. 


Size: 2-4 cm
Colour: brilliant green 
Flavor: peppery flavour similar to watercress & rocket
How to Use: garnish in most dishes
More Details: With a peppery taste like watercress and yet slightly sweet, the flat bright green leaves are waxy and soft. They provide many medicinal properties and add a splash of colour and flavour as a garnish for dishes. The leaves contain antibiotics, antioxidant and can aid digestion.


Size: 1cm
Colour: Grey green
Flavor: mild lemon flavour
How to Use: garnish in most dishes
More Details: Wood Sorrel resembles a clover-like shape and refreshing to eat. The leaves can be added to salads, soups and sauces or even used as seasoning. The leaves are thin and have an incredible sour, lemon taste.

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