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At Full Nature, we turn industrial spaces into vertical farms in a controlled environment incorporating biomimicry farming techniques and AIoT to produce greens and edible flowers

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Aquaponics uses fish to provide nutrients, and hydroponics uses formulated solutions.

100% Aquaponics

A method of using fish manure to provide nutrients that helps the growth of vegetables. We feed our fish with organic fish feed and they produce ammonia and solid waste  which is converted into soluble nutrients through the nitrification and breakdown process. This water contains a wide spectrum of nutrients that is fed to the plants; excess water is looped back into the fish tanks. This process happens 24/7, just like the natural environment. 


Using nature as our inspiration, we have developed modern agricultural systems to produce crops based on nutrients from fish waste utilizing the method of aquaponics. We believe our method of cultivation addresses most of these unsustainable practices, and we are strongly committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. Without the need for quality soil, we can grow to produce anywhere with consistent results.

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With our technologies seamlessly integrated, we can drastically improve yield and flavor while using far less resources.


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By growing vertically, the grow area is calculated in cubic volume instead of sqft. 

Fully Controlled Environment

Grown in a climate-controlled environment, our design mimics a natural ecosystem where fish, microbes, beneficial bacteria, and plants strive to grow:

  • Full Automation System Integration for both plants and fish growth.

  • Yield logging and tracking.

  • Not affected by external environment throughout the year.

  • Zero pesticides, runoffs and external contamination.

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