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Microgreens are young seedlings of vegetables, herbs and grains packed with nutritional value. Greens harvested at early stages are called microgreens, and the next stage of the growth cycle are leaves.  They are both a feast for the eye and appetite, they are the easiest food to prepare and best eaten raw in a salad or a plant-based dish. Flavourful microgreens like our Mustard Microgreens can be mixed with neutral greens to add spice and flavour to the dish. 


They have a crisp texture and come in a flavours ranging from sweet to savoury to spicy to earthy. With all types of textures and taste, integrating microgreens in your diet is very easy, especially when you live in urban cities like Hong Kong. Packed with great taste, microgreens can be added to soups, sandwiches, burgers or anything else you can imagine.


Most of the microgreens in Hong Kong are mailed from overseas, which is why we want to offer the community in Hong Kong affordable yet nutritious greens all-year round. Most farms take a couple of months, but only take around 2 weeks thanks to our aquaponics growing system.

amaranth_1010434 low.jpg
opal mustard_1010428 low.jpg


Size: 9-10 cm (leaves 1cm) 
Colour: Green & red
Flavour: Sweet-hot mustard
How to Use: Garnish in most dishes

More Details:  Traditionally used as a spice, it is popular to use mustard microgreens as a salad or stir-fry green. Packed with protein, fibre, calcium and iron, this microgreen is popular with both chefs and home cooks. For chefs, it adds interesting flavours and textures to exchange a dish.


Size: 9-10 cm (leaves 1cm) 
Colour: Red
Flavour: Sweet
How to Use: Garnish in most dishes

More Details: Similar to mustard but less spicy and more earthy in flavour, it can add depth to any dishes, especially dishes which need reds. Amaranth microgreens make a great garnish or as an addition to any salad or sandwiches. They are also rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, and amino acids


Size: 9-10 cm (leaves 1cm) 
Colour: Purple & green
Flavour: Basil with mint aftertaste
How to Use: Garnish in most dishes

More Details: More Details: Unlike other microgreens, the flavour of Dark Opal basic is more intense than basil leaves. It adds a sweet and spicy taste with a beautiful purple colour with green highlights, they make a colourful garnish for most dishes. It adds a visual interest to cocktails, makes a colorful dessert garnish and make an interesting replacement for recipe’s requiring basil.

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